Protect and enhance your church web site while saving hundreds of dollars

Dear Church Leader,

Because your ministry involves caring for people and speaking God’s word to life issues, you have your finger on the pulse of culture in ways many people don’t.

So I know you’re aware of how important your church’s web presence is in the digital age. More often than not, it’s a visitor’s first encounter with your congregation.

For smaller churches with busy pastors and limited staff, finding the time and resources needed to maintain and improve your church web site can be challenging.

But what if you could inexpensively “hand off” your church web site to a professional web designer who built and maintained sites for one of the largest broadcast ministries in the world?

I’m Rob Monti, owner of Monti Design.

Before I started my own web design company, I did web design and development for a major Christian broadcast ministry headquartered here in southeast Virginia. I’ve also served in church leadership for years, so I’m sensitive to the needs and challenges facing smaller churches.

That’s why I’d love to partner with your congregation to help you protect your church web site and put your best foot forward online.

Allow me to introduce you to SiteGofer™ – an affordable web site maintenance and enhancement service from Monti Design created specifically with churches in mind.

Here are some of the ways SiteGofer can help your congregation:

  • Get a totally redesigned web site over time
  • Spend less than you’d typically pay for a web design project
  • Avoid large expenditures of time and money up front
  • Easily update your site simply by typing as you would in a word processor
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your church web site has a digital watchdog monitoring for hackers and malware

SiteGofer comes in four subscription levels:

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Individually, these services would cost your church hundreds or thousands up front.

With SiteGofer, you can exercise good stewardship while investing in the growth and impact of your congregation for as low as pennies a day.

And NO ANNUAL CONTRACTS. Cancel your SiteGofer subscription anytime if you need to.

Save your staff time. Save your church money. Keep your web site fresh. Transform your site to better showcase what God is doing in your unique faith community.

That’s how SiteGofer can serve you.

Sign Up for a Monthly Plan Now or get 2 months FREE with an Annual plan!

Questions? View the information below the pricing tables on plans and pricing, visit the FAQ, or simply e-mail [email protected]

Whether or not you take advantage of SiteGofer, I sincerely pray that God’s gracious hand will be upon you and your ministry to guide, protect, and empower you as you seek to bring the light and love of Jesus Christ to a dark and needy world.

Blessings to you,

Rob Monti
Monti Design